Crowdfunding: Number TWO in Google's Search Rankings?

The Robot Dragons Come From Mars crowdfunding campaign is now in it's third day.
I feel exhausted. I've been telling as many people as I can about it with enthusiasm and energy, but at the same time, I've been nursing the worst cold ever for the past month.

So, I'm sure that my 'enthusasiatic' ravings are probably coming across more like the out-of-breath last gasps of a wild-eyed lunatic, wheezing and gurning my way through my spiel.

It is difficult to get people to understand my urgency. Maybe because it is because I have access to the little dashboard icon of the campaign which shows me that since the first day, only half the number of people visited my page today. And since the incredibly promising start of Day 1, the third day has been a flop.

So, when they nod and smile and wait for the conversation to move on to something else, I just want to talk about nothing else!

Crowdfunding campaign

But one amazing thing which has buoyed me up today is that when I looked up 'crowdfunding' on Google, my G+ page is the second link! How does that work?

Someone said it was because I was logged in and they show your links first, but I'm not convinced about that. I tried it after logging out and it was still second.

Yay! Very chuffed, so I took a little picture of it. It's probably not going to happen again.

So, I'm actually feeling quietly optimistic. 21% funded on day 3 can't be so bad.

Crowdfunding Dream: Robot Dragons Come From Mars, Video Shoot!

Just call me 'One-take Syed' from now on.

A few weeks ago I had the most fun afternoon reading the story of the Robot Dragons to some very discerning customers.

It was all part of what will be the promotional video for Robot Dragons; The Crowdfunding Project.

I took along some of the original artwork created by Shiela Alejandro and read the story through.

I think they seemed to enjoy it.

I certainly had great fun pretending that I was a star!

The photo shoot was directed by the highly talented and organised James Stothard who was just as good with telling me what to do as he was with the kids!

It started off quite stressful for all us, stepping into the great unknown like that, but James made it all run very smoothly indeed.

I also want to say a huge 'Thank You' to the Anchor in Jericho.

The staff were so patient and pretty much left us alone to get on with it, even though we must have created an enormous disruption to their service. Thank you!!

Robot Dragons Come From Mars is a picture book aimed at 4-6 year olds and will be available to purchase through a crowdfunding project soon!

Crowdfunding Dream: Toy Dragon Coming Soon!

Hopefully, today I am expecting to receive this little dragon. He, along with 9 of his friends will be one of the prizes if you pledge a certain amount towards the crowdfunding project.

I can't wait to see what he looks like in real life!

Robot Dragons Crowdfunding Dream: Meet the Illustrator

I thought of the idea of the Robot Dragons, but it was the wonderful illustrations created by Shiela Alejandro that really brought them to life. She added their cheeky smiles and just the right amount of 'robot' and 'dragon'.

Because I had started writing them already as scary flying monsters before they took over and corrected me, I wasn't completely sure who they were, but the moment I saw these three characters, I was certain they had arrived from Mars and were ready to play!

Earlier this month I got the chance to ask Shiela some questions about how she works and she was kind enough to give me some insight into her working day.

Here is the result of that interview:

How did you get into illustration / art?

- I started drawing since kindergarten, I use to draw fields, stick drawings and cartoons. As I grow up, I decided I want to draw for the rest of my life.
What do you want people to feel or think when they view your art?
- I want them to feel happy, and be a kid again. Life is great.

What is your  working environment like?
- I took Fine arts in college, so from there I got surrounded with fellow artists and it was fun because I get do what I love with people with the same passion.

What was the best advice given to you as an illustrator?
- The best advice I got was "Don't ever think that you know everything, there are so much things to learn."

What made you smile today?
-  I get to spend my Sunday with my family, it was a nice feeling after 6 days of work.

Catch some more of Shiela's work here.

The crowdfunding campaign will run for 8 weeks from the end of July. Look out for some special prizes and perks!

Five More Days To Go Till The Crowdfunding Goes Live

It is such a strange feeling between hope and anticipation. I am about to launch a crowdfunding project to promote my new book: Robot Dragons Come From Mars.

It is going to be a picture book for 4-6 year olds and, if funded, will be available in both hardback and softback versions.

I can't wait for it to start!
Robot Dragons Come From Mars!

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