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I often give out free copies of my books, ebooks, and especially of  my audiobook, because gave me so many free credits to give away. Usually, I send out an email or a message to one of my groups offering these freebies and many people will accept them, and I will never hear anything from them again until it is time for the next free offering.

With audible you can give a gift of your book using the codes they give you and you can actually keep track of who downloads the audiobook. So oftentimes, I give away an audiobook, only to see it languishing forever in the audible author gift page. (And sometimes, I do think, 'well, why did you ask for a book if you were never going to download it?).

But recently one of my friends has really surprised me. He seems to be an Avid Reader.

Not only does he download the books I offer, or even the snippets of work-in-progress, but he actually reads them, or listens to them.

And what is a million times better than that: when I casually mentioned (downright demanded) that he could leave me a review if he liked (or else), he did!

To an author, someone like that is worth their weight in gold. I'm not joking, whatever he weighs, he could sit himself down on a pair of scales and he'd be worth that, multiplied by the most recent price of gold.*

The reason is the feedback.

It is not just because someone gets a free book. It is not even that they then read it. It is the combination of all 3 - the holy trinity of the author's aspirations: agree to accept the book, read the book, leave feedback or a review. (It's also what every good dinner party host wants from their guests: that they agree to participate. That they participate. And then that they leave at the end).

So, as an author, I urge you to find that avid reader amongst your friends and treasure them, and nurture them by giving them everything you write.

You're doing them a big favour, honest :)

*So, say the average man weighs 70kg. Today's gold price is £32,248 per kilo. So that makes:

70*32428 = 2269960
So, Two million, two hundred and sixty nine thousand nine hundred and sixty pounds

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